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Our vermouth was born from the desire to create a quality product stemming from biodynamic wines through the collaboration with different producers from time to time- something few others have done before. Different variations are created and produced seasonally, and we are always trying to find the right balance for each in order to enhance its organoleptic quality.

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Data Sheet

Product Classification: Red Vermouth
Origin Product: Rome Italy
Ingredients: Absinthe, Cinnamon, Angelica, Cinchona, Elderflower,
Coriander, Iris, Bitter Orange, Cardamom, Cloves, red wine “La Lupinella Rossa
dell’Azienda Agricola La Lupinella”, alcohol.
Production method: Maceration of spices in wine, subsequent addition of alcohol and caramel. A few days of rest before aging in cask of Oak. Unfiltered, no added sulphites.
Color: Dark Red
Alcohol: 19.5%
Bottle capacity: 750 ml